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A little more about me

Hey there! Iā€™m Nick. I am a product designer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. My background in Cognitive Science has enabled me to approach complex problems and designs from a holistic and human-centered approach. I enjoy designing products with a purpose and finding elegant solutions for the end-user. I am driven by taking risks and putting myself outside of my comfort zone. I am always looking to push the boundaries by embracing new design tools and technology, to create the best user experience possible.

In my free time you can usually find me tackling big hills on my bicycle or defending my position that The Office is the greatest TV show ever created (yes, it even tops Seinfeld).

People with Penelope

On a more adventurous note, I spent much of 2016 prepping my classic Mini Cooper, Penelope, to participate in the Mongol Rally, a charity rally starting in London and ending in Mongolia. We ended up raising money for Social Advocates for Youth located in Sonoma County. It was extremely fulfilling to contribute to a such a noble cause. I wrote about that experience here and here on Petrolicious. You can also check out peoplewithpenelope for more details.

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